Welcome to the liquor industry’s first LGBT organization, 1
Gay & Lesbian Alliance for Spirited SippingGay & Lesbian Alliance for Spirited SippingGay & Lesbian Alliance for Spirited Sipping
We are committed to uniting the LGBTQ+ professionals in the spirits and hospitality industry while giving back to the community at large.


GLASS creates a professional network that unites all LGBTQ+ individuals that work within the spirits & hospitality industry.

GLASSmates come from all areas of the industry–from the bar to back of the house; from behind the brand to in front of the press and everything in between.

GLASS provides a sense of commraderie, support and mentorship through social events, meetings and educational opportunities throughout the country.


We work with local LGBTQ+ charitable organizations, such as The LGBT Center, to aid them with liquor sponsorships, events, volunteer work and fundraising.


GLASS was founded in 2012 by Cooper Cheatham. Being a gay man working in a predominatnly hetero industry, he saw the need for an inclusive Queer space. It became clear with every LGBTQ+ professional he met that there was a true calling for this organization.

Since launching, GLASS has grown with great excitement and passion. Cheatham has been recognized for his work with GLASS by receiving the Zagat 30 under 30 and the Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40 awards for changing the industry for the better.

We hope you will join our growing community!